Frequently Asked Questions

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, Additional $300 nonrefundable deposit & pet rent is $15 per month.

What keys do I need?

You will have a front door key, mail key, bedroom key, and a rec center key fob.

How does internet work?

One of the residents residing in the unit will have to find a local internet provider and put it in their name. We recommend Xfinity!

How close are you to campus?

We are 3.4 miles from campus, but we have an active shuttle system for residents!

Are the units furnished?

We have furnished and unfurnished options!

Can I move my furniture?

Yes and no. You are more than welcome to rearrange your furniture within your space! However, you may not move any furniture from your unit and will be charged if applicable.

How does my lease payment work?

Your lease is split between 12 monthly installments based upon the length of your lease. Your monthly installment is due on the first of each month. You can make these payments through your online portal.

Do I need to get utilities set up in my own name?

No, a monthly allowance of the following amounts, and applies to each UNIT, not per resident:  $55 for units with 509 square feet; and $85 for units with 1232 square feet.

What are my parking options?

We have unlimited parking for residents and guests.

Where do I pick up the mail?

Your designated mailbox beside the rec center.

Can I sell my lease?

Yes! The leasing office has the necessary paperwork to begin the lease transfer process. Please be sure to let the office know if you are planning on moving to avoid any additional fees if you abandon your unit.

When do I get to know who my roommates are?

We will email out residents 2-3 weeks before move-in with the contact information of your official roommates.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

You can do this through the resident portal app! Be sure to let your roommates know what you’ve requested maintenance on and when.

Can I hang things up on my walls?

Yes! Be sure that you don’t have any holes that are larger than a dime. Use command hooks if you can!

Do you require renters’ insurance?

Yes, we have partnered with Foxen to assist with this process. Foxen is only $14 a month and will cover severe damage caused by residents.

What condition does the apartment have to be in when I move out?

Other than normal wear and tear, your unit needs to look exactly as it did when you moved in! Be sure to fill out the move-in condition form on the your move-in day!